View sample colorsMonuments are upright in stature, typically 6 or 8 inches thick. They are set onto a base of the same color and thickness. A variation in the base could include a 2-inch polish margin to complete your look. This is then set on a foundation.







uprightDie Upright Die

Upright Dies are the more traditional memorials. Sizes, shapes and finishes can be customized for each memorial. Carving and lettering is added to personalize the memorial. Further personal tributes can be added with etchings of photos or favorite scenes that remind us of our special loved one. Photos can also be attached to the face of the memorial. These memorials have an unlimited amount of customizing options to personalize your memorial.


slant-1 Slants

Slants are a variation of the upright die. The face of these memorials are cut at an angle. The face can have a margin along the bottom or can be angled to the bottom of the monument. The typical finish of these memorials are a polished face, sawn back and balance is rock pitched.


hickey Hickey

Hickey or Bevel are similar to grass markers except they are not flush with the ground. The face of these memorials have a 2″ slope from the back to front.


gub Grassers

Grassers or Flat Markers have a low profile have a polished face. These memorials have been made the “rule” for many memorial parks and cemeteries who restrict upright monuments.


grasser Granite Under Bronze

Granite Under Bronze (GUB) are memorials with a flat bronze marker attached to the granite base. These are low profile memorials generally used for those Americans who have provided service in one of our military branches.